Pastor's Corner - November 2009

The key to any relationship is communication.  As Christians, we are to converse with God through prayer.  This conversation is two-way; we speak and we listen for God’s return comments.  When I counsel couples about to get married, I always stress the importance of communication, especially when children come into the picture.  Two parents can easily be outnumbered by one child if they don’t communicate with each other and share answers to children’s requests.

As a congregation, we use a variety of methods of communication.  As in most organizations, there is the “grapevine.”  You know how that works.  Someone hears about something and calls their friend or visits with a neighbor and soon the story is all over town.  We call it the calling tree or prayer chain.  This works well; however, there are times, like all things, when it falls short.  I enjoy the story of the prayer chain notice where a loving elderly woman called to let the next person on the list know that “Mrs. Jones was to have a vasectomy in the morning.”  When the person called tried to explain that this just was not possible, the caller insisted that this was the accurate information and therefore Mrs. Jones was indeed having a vasectomy.  I would love to have heard how the insurance company responded.

We also use the bulletin and announcement time at the beginning of worship.  The bulletin boards in the fellowship hall and sanctuary entrance help convey information to people as they come to the church for worship or other events and meetings.  Inserts and handouts also assist in communicating with those attending church.

Because of technology, we have a way of reaching people all over the world by the use of our web site at  Photos, special music, information, and our newsletters are found there.  This is a real benefit for friends and family members away from home.  It also allows former members to keep track of the events going on in Warner Robins.

Our final tool for communication is the Warner Robins Disciple, which you are holding in your hand right now.  Here is information about what has happened and what is going to happen at First Christian.  This is a tool for us to keep up with the changes in other people’s lives as well.  When someone moves, the newsletter is returned and often labeled with the new address.  The downside is that the person to whom it was sent misses out on that issue.  We also have to put together a list of 200 addresses to maintain the bulk rate permit.  Some months this gets to be a challenge.  Time is invested in producing, folding, sealing, sorting and then often resorting at the post office because the handling requirements have changed since last month.

This newsletter is our primary tool for sharing the life and ministry of this congregation.  We need to put it into people’s hands in the most effective way available.  We need your help.  As responsible stewards of God’s creation and our resources, we want to be more efficient.  It might be possible to send out the newsletter in a variety of formats in order to utilize technology and assure that it reaches as many friends and families as possible.

We are currently exploring mailing out the newsletter first class to those who wish to receive a printed copy and also sending it outelectronically as e-mail to those who would rather view it online.  Doing this could save time, paper, and money.  Please let us know what you think and which format you would prefer to receive.  You can write to the church at 100 N Houston Rd., Warner Robins, GA  31093, call the church at (478) 923-1536, or e-mail us at  No change will occur until the February 2010 issue of the Warner Robins Disciple.

Talk to us, so that we may keep open the best lines of communication possible.

Shalom,  Darrell


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