Pastor's Corner: Recent Comments 2013-12-20T23:09:18Z Quick Blogcast Comment on Pastors Corner - July 2009,2011-10-12:12087585 Therese Harper 2011-10-12T06:04:16Z 2011-10-12T06:04:16Z This is a great blog. Keep the great work and information. Comment on Pastors Corner - July 2009,2011-10-07:11999794 Ashlie Donovan 2011-10-08T01:13:03Z 2011-10-08T01:13:03Z This is a great article. Gracias for the information. Comment on Pastor's Corner - August 2009,2010-08-03:3388758 Vacation Bible School 2010-08-03T14:55:43Z 2010-08-03T14:55:43Z Darrell - what have you done to make your recent VBS' a success? We've taken a few different approaches over the years; doing larger, group activities and teachings as well as smaller, break-out activities. Both activities have had their pros and cons, but I feel like we need something more substantial. I want VBS to extend beyond the week or so the students are with us. It's been a great outreach effort for us, but I want it to be more than just a week where parents can drop their kids off. Comment on Pastor's Corner - April 2009,2009-04-26:2023089 Frances Baldwin 2009-04-26T17:04:35Z 2009-04-26T17:04:35Z Pastor Darrell,<br />Thanks for your timely message at Pastor's Corner April 2009. Like your sermon that I heard today, for the first time, this message brings clarity to our life experience (the consequences of our choices) and directs us back to the teachings of Jesus as the ultimate source for healing our moving forward. I look forward to visiting again and learning from you and your church community.<br />Frances Baldwin<br />Centerville, Ga. Comment on Video of the 2008 Easter Cantata,2008-06-21:1137721 Anonymous 2008-06-21T22:04:36Z 2008-06-21T22:04:36Z What you'll have to do is download it in order for it to work because something that Internet Explorer did you can't watch it by left clicking, you have to right click, click Save Target As and download it to your computer in order to watch it. Comment on Video of the 2008 Easter Cantata,2008-03-25:919603 Anonymous 2008-03-26T04:06:25Z 2008-03-26T04:06:25Z The link for the video doesn't work Comment on Welcome!,2008-02-21:844653 Louisa 2008-02-21T16:31:06Z 2008-02-21T16:31:06Z Good Morning! It's rather difficult to think of something to write now that I'm sitting here looking at the screen. Just wanted to check out the new blog! I must say it is clean and concise right now. Perhaps soon it will become messy and interesting!