Pastor's Corner - September 2009

What is the reason you come out to First Christian Church?  In the August 11 issue of “Christian Century” Lydie Raschka talks about the practice of her husband who adopted a spot in New York City as his own.  She tells that he goes to this spot to sit and read and relax, how he cleans up the area regularly, even though it is not the nicest of locations.  She also talks about the little run down church they started to attend and how their commitment and efforts have brought new life to this old church.

What brings you to the corner of Houston Road and Birch Street?  Do you see this corner as a special place for you?  Do you want to commit your energy and time to seeing it have an impact on the lives of others?  Now the challenge is to articulate what brings you to First Christian Church.  Write it down, create a story, put it into words that can be shared.  This is how we tell our story and attract others to our little corner of Warner Robins.

If you are willing, these stories and reasons can be shared through this newsletter in future months.  One of the biggest problems faced by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is that in spite of having something truly needed in today’s world, very few in the church tell the story.  Until we can put the story into our own words and make it personal many people will see it only as a practiced and commercial promotion.  Our community needs personal relationships, not generic promotions.  One of the strengths of our church is a sense of family.  Family is about relationship, interaction and acceptance.  Corporate ads and stories have less impact than personal stories to touch people.

Sit down and start writing out your story, make it as long or as short as you think it needs to be.  Then sit back and read it and think about how someone who does not know First Christian would hear this story.  The next step is the biggest part of the challenge; starting to tell the story to people you know.  Let them know why you go to church, what church does for you, what God has done for you through the church.   Make the story come to life in your own life and in this church.

Shalom,  Darrell


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