First Christian Church of Warner Robins
(Disciples of Christ)

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Luke 12:48b "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." [NIV].

Christmas Family

Heifer International

For the second year, First Christian Church is supporting the program Heifer International.  Heifer provides sustainable support for in need around the world by giving livestock and plants for the support of families and communities.  This year our congregation is again providing the resources for the purchase of livestock and plants such as heifers, llamas, tree seedlings, rabbits, and honeybees.  These gifts will expand over time as according to Heifer rules, female offspring are passed on to another family in the community.  We are feeding and providing income for families in need through this effort.  Thanks to all who help in this mission and may God bless the gift as well as the giver!

Click on the Heifer icon link below to go to the Heifer International website:

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Our Constitution & Bylaws:

Click on this link for the Constitution & Bylaws as approved by the Congregation on November 22, 2009.

Our History:

The first glimmer of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Warner Robins began in Del Von Almen's dining room in Rome, Georgia in January 1957.  He is the son of Uncle Ott and Aunt Grace Von Almen.  They felt there was a need for a Christian Church in Warner Robins.  Too many people were having to travel to Macon to attend church activities.

Dr. Charles W. Ross, General Secretary of Christian Churches of Georgia, (this position is equivalent to the Regional Minister) was approached about starting a church.  He responded that there was not enough money to support another church, but the state would give them moral support and encouragement and help however they could.  It was explained that in order to start this new church, both a budget and a petition signed by 30 people in the Warner Robins area had to be submitted.  Uncle Ott scurried around and came up with the required signatures.  The budget was for $5,000.

A meeting was called.

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Warner Robins began with a favorable vote by the New Church Development and Future Work committees on Wednesday, March 13, 1957.  A new church was to be established.  The meeting, which tool place at City Hall, was held because approximately 30 people with a dream had signed a petition to recommend that a new church be established.  That night twenty-one people signed the Charter Membership roll.  They voluntarily associated themselves to form a congregation to be affiliated with the Brotherhood known as Disciples of Christ.

On Sunday, March 24, 1957, the first service was held in the Cafeteria of Warner Robins High School.  Dr. Charles W. Ross preached.  That service was followed by a two week revival led by Del Von Almen.  He was not paid.  During those two weeks a church friend took him fishing three times (the weather was great), others saw to it that he was well fed.  At the end of the revival he was presented with a Zebco rod and reel.  He was thrilled.  It was the first spinning reel that he ever owned and he still has it to this day.

On June 16, 1957 Edward Reese was called as the first minister.  The church continued meeting in the High School cafeteria until August 1959.  At that time it was discovered that an article in the State Constitution prohibited church services from being held in State school buildings.  A committee was formed and a search for a place to worship was begun.

The First Presbyterian Church of Warner Robins offered the use of their facilities.  A schedule by which both congregations could use the same building each Sunday was arranged.  The Christian Church School met during the Presbyterian worship service and the Christian worship service was held from 12:15 to 1:15.  This continued until December 25, 1960.

On June 29, 1959, the land where the Church now sits was purchased for $5,000.  An intensive building fund was begun, people dug into their pockets, bonds were sold, and the money was miraculously raised.  Construction began in September 1960.  Only a short time later, on Christmas Sunday 1960, the congregation gathered to worship together in their brand new building.  A dream was continuing to unfold.  Later on February 12, 1961 that building was dedicated to the service of God.

Robert Hayes served the Church from 1961 until 1966.  When he entered the Army Chaplaincy, Dr. James Harris stepped in for two months, then Dave Schomer was called until 1970.  First Christian Church of Warner Robins continued to grow.

In 1971 Charles L. Newby accepted the call as a full time minister.  Under his leadership, the Church presented the first live Nativity pageant on the front lawn of the Church.  This pageant was written and directed by Newby.  He also encouraged the undertaking of the Chrismon Tree.  In 1975, Newby resigned and Robert Barksdale served as supply minister for several months.

Gary Edens accepted the call in 1976.  During his ministry, a new sign was erected on the front lawn, a security light was installed and the sanctuary was redecorated.  In 1980 after Gary Edens resigned, Rev. William Edge filled the pulpit for a short time.  Then Jeff Wheeler, a ministerial student from Emory Theological Seminary ministered to the Church.  Upon his graduation, Mary Turner acted as interim minister.  She too was a Theological student.  In 1984 the Church was blessed with a full time minister again.  Frank Speight filled the pulpit.

After many years, as the congregation grew, the original building became too small.  Selling the land and the building was discussed.  For Sale signs appeared on the lawn but there were no buyers.  Building was discussed but there was not enough money in the budget.  The idea of fund raising was tossed around, but things seemed to grind to a standstill.  The economy was too tight.  While this was going on, John Hicks, a much loved member of the church, was fighting a personal battle.  He had cancer.  He watched and listened.  In December 1984, after fighting cancer for two years, he departed from this world.  John had saved $65,000.  Only a few of his closest friends had known about it.  He willed the money to First Christian Church of Warner Robins to be used to build a new sanctuary.  The church sold a small piece of land to a neighboring bank for $20,000.  The money for a new sanctuary was in hand!

During the summer of 1985 groundbreaking and construction for a new sanctuary began.  On November 24, 1985 the building was dedicated.  The first service was held in the brand new mortgage free Sanctuary that December.

The Dream was continuing.

In 1986, following Speight's departure, Phil Zook filled the pulpit as supply minister.  Robert Lyons accepted the call in 1987.  Upon his resignation in the next year, Rev. Hugh Kelly filled in as interim minister.

Ron Allton accepted the call in 1988.  He resigned in December 1994.  Rev. John White filled in as interim minister from May until September 1995 when Rev. David Semones accepted the call.  He resigned on October 4th, 1998.  Rev. Bill Hammonds was our interim minister from January 10th until June 6th, 1999.  Rev. Darrell L. Vandervort accepted the call as our minister in April 2000.  The dream will continue to unfold as we join hands with each other.  God is reaching out to us.  We must reach out to others.

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